Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bak to NY!

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

Finally, I am back to NY. Japan trip was awesome. I was able to spend some time with my family and friends. I got lots of power from them.

Also, it was really warm while I was in Japan. I had to borrow some short sleeve shirt from my sisiter because I did not bring any but it was too hot to wear long sleeves which I brought. I love warm weather so this also made me feel very happy.

Of course, I ate lots of food in Japan. There are so many things I wanted to eat. Everything tasted so good. Here are some of the pictures.

First, I went to visit my grandma and grandpa's graves which are in west side of Japan. This area has lots of great seafood. Everything was fresh and tasted really good!

When I went back to Tokyo, I was busy meeting some of my friends and former co-workers. I was quite surprised to see that many people drink and eat out even during the week day. It was really nice to see some old friends. Even though I don't see them too often, I always feel very comfortable with them. They always make time for me and I really appreciate their effort. I really hope I can keep in touch with all of my friends for a long long time even with the distance. I wish we live close by so we can see each other whenever we want to.

This is Shabu Shabu. It is a hot pot and you cook meat and vegeables in the broth. I love it. We ate too much.

This is Okonomiyaki. I make Okonomiyaki at home sometimes but this one was totally different from the one I make at home. This is from the restaurant called "Doremi". I think they are quite famous for their Okonomiyaki. They have special way of cooking it and it was crispy outside and fluffy inside. I would defenitely go back there again when I am in Japan next time.

My Japan trip was great but it is also nice to be back to NY. It is nice to be with my husband again. He seems really happy also. It seems like he did not eat too well while I was gone and I did not cook at all in Japan so I am looking forward to cook again.

I checked our fridge today and there were nothing in there so I am going to grocery shopping. Since it is getting cold, I am thinking some kind of soup with lots of vegetables.

I would like to thank everybody who welcomed me in Japan but most of all I would like to thank my husband who let me enjoy my Japan trip. I am planning to spoil my husband for the next few days :-)

Thank you for everybody who visited my blog while I am gone. I am back and try to update more often from now on so please keep on visiting!

Enjoy cooking!

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