Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sushi Rolls and my appetite

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

I wasn't feeling too well this past few days and I did not have any appetite so my wonderful husband was worried about me and pick up some sushi rolls from my favorite sushi restaurant to stimulate my appetite.

My favorite is double double which is this crunchy shrimp roll. (I am not sure exactly what is in it) Next to that is Rainbow roll. Doesn't it look pretty?

Then, we also had crunchy spicy tuna roll and California roll. I love California roll and I make it at home sometimes.

I think my husband's effort worked and I was able to enjoy eating sushi. I think my appetite is coming back slowly.

Since I always love eating and always had appetite, I think it scared my husband that I did not have any appetite. I appreciate his concern and caring gesture. He is the best :-)

Also, we watched this funny old TV show called "The Golden Girls" and that made me laugh and maybe laughing was good for stimulating appetite also :-)

Anyhow, autumn is coming to NY and some of the trees are changing its color.

We are thinking about going somewhere to see fall foliage this weekend.

By the way, last week, I hand made this apple by sawing felt. (I have a how-to book for this) It came out pretty good so I thought maybe I will post it here :-) It is a wonderful feeling to see just pieces of clothes making shape into a beautiful apple!

I hope everybody is doing well and feeling happy and have good appetite :-)

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