Friday, October 16, 2009

Korean BBQ in Manhattan

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

Last night, I had dinner with one of my friends in Manhattan. It has been a while since I met up with her last time so it was really nice to talk to her and enjoy dinner together.

We love Korean BBQ so we wen to a Korean restaurant. Normally, we go to Don's Bogam (32nd st Bet 5th & Madison ave) which is my favorite but last night we went to Woo Chon (36th st Bet 5th & 6th ave). Woo Chon is also really good and I have been there for a few times before.

We ordered Beef tongue and Wang Kalbee. Both of them are really good and they BBQ at your table.

First, we had Kimchi

Then, Beef tongue.

And finally, my favorite Wang Kalbee.

It is so nice to have dinner with your friend. She is very positive person and she always make everybody laugh. I believe that it is very important to have a laugh in your life. It is up to you if you make your life with full of laughter or with full of sorrows and complaints. Even though, it might seem really hard to laugh sometimes when you are in a difficult situation, if you try to force yourself to laugh, I think that the day will come soon that you can laugh from your heart one day. I heard that laughing is really good for your health also. I am trying to laugh a lot everyday. It does not matter what. It can be something really silly but it is good to laugh. Let's try to laugh a lot everyday and if I can make someone laugh on the way, I feel great also :-) I hope this blog brings you a smile sometimes.

By the way, I will be in Japan for a few weeks from this weekend. I will try to update my blog sometimes from Japan but I am not sure if I have time since I have so many things I would like to do in Japan. Including lots of eating! I am excited to report everything I ate in Japan!

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