Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eggplant & Bell pepper stir fry

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

I know, I know. It does not look too appetizing. But this was good. It is eggplant (my favorite) and bell pepper stir fried in miso sauce. I also added some Shiso from my garden.

I don't have a picture but I also make eggplant miso soup. It all about eggplant and miso last night.

My Sisho in the garden is still growing strong. I think I should pick them and store them in freezer or something because it is getting cooler these days.

I have two more eggplant left at home. I am thinking about this pasta dish which my friend found recipe for me. It is with eggplant and tomato with mozzarella cheese. I have to go get mozzarella cheese!

By the way, lately I hear this song called "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-z at lot on a radio. I like this song. It makes me feel good and motivated. I think it is because I live in NY right now. Maybe I am becoming New Yorker without knowing :-) On the other hand, I also like this old song called "If you going to San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie. This song always make me smile and wanna go back to San Francisco. I might be starting to feel like a New Yorker a little bit but my heart still belong to San Francisco :-) As the old song from Tonny Bennett?? say " I left my heart in San Francisco".

This is a different story but I think I used to live in Hawaii in my previous life. I can not explain why but I just felt it. Even before I go to Hawaii, I felt like I have been there before and when I first went to Hawaii, I felt this nostalgic feeling of coming home. Well, maybe because it is such a beautiful place, I would like to think that I used to live in Hawaii in my previous life :-) Have you ever had any feeling that you have been there before even that was your first time visiting there? It is such a funny feeling. It kind of like "Deja vu"


  1. Looks great! I should try it sometime.

  2. I always cook eggplant with dried shrimps and chilli. Must try this next time.

  3. Thank you Bertha Alicia!
    The color of this dish was not great. I need more practice to make it more bright colors.

  4. HI Anncoo!

    eggplant and dried shrimp and chilli sound good also. I should try that myself!