Friday, October 2, 2009

Dunkin Donuts & Steak dinner

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Normally, I don't like Donuts too much. I eat them probably 1~2 times a year. BUT I was watching this TV show the other day which was showing behind the donuts shop and after I watched it, I wanted to have donuts myself.

And there is a Dunkin Donuts right next to our grocery store so when I went for a grocery shopping yesterday, I stopped by at Dunkin Donuts and got those three kind of Donuts.

Of course, I did not eat them all but I tried half of all three. It was really good! They were glazed, french cruller and Boston cream. I don't know why I did not like donuts before. These are pretty damn good!

Dunkin Donuts seems like pretty popular in East Coast. I did not see any Dunkin Donuts while I was living in Northern California. This particular store was also pretty crowded when I went. I guess everybody loves donuts!

Then, after my pretty heavy snack, what do you think I had for dinner?
I had a steak. Well, it was a small piece of steak and I also had broccoli and mushroom on the side. I also made garlic fried rice. It was good. I know I am eating too much. I blame it for this weather. It is getting cooler. In Japan, we say we get more appetite during autumn.

Anyway, I like using garlic for lots of my cooking. I love garlic. But I know I should not eat them too much at once. Long time ago, I went to this really good garlic restaurant in SF called "The Stinkin Rose". This restaurant is famous for their garlic dishes. It was really good and I had so much garlic that night. Then later, I was feeling sick from eating too much garlic. Since then, I try not to eat too much garlic at once but I love it so much it is sometimes difficult to control.

Still, I would love to go back to that restaurant because it was really good. Also, that night after the meal, I went to a cafe close by called "Steps of Rome". This place has really good Tiramisu.
Maybe the reason why I was feeling sick that night was not from garlic. It was probably from eating too much!

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