Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Broiled Salmon and broccoli dinner

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

Salmon is one of the common fish which you can get here in the U.S. I normally buy big piece of salmon from Costco and cut them into half and freeze them.

I found the half of salmon in the freezer so I broiled it last night. This is a dish which I learned from my friend and I make it quite often. Once time, I made it for my parents in laws and they loved it so they make this now at home quite often.

I also found some broccoli in the fridge so I steamed it and added on the side.

By the way, it is getting pretty cold here in NY. I defenitly feel the winter coming. It maked me sad because I love summer so much and hate winter so much. All my plants are dying now. Only the green onion is still growing which I used for last night dinner :-)

Even though I hate winter, I am a bit excited about cooking some of the winter dished and also baking some stuff. It is a best time to bake some sweets. I am not a great baker so I need more practice on baking. I did not want to bake at all in summer because of the heat but now I am excited about baking something really good. I think it is a great feeling to come home and smell the fresh baked cookie or cake or something like that. It just makes you feel warm inside.

One thing I also need to watch out is my waist line :-)

Since I got this stand mixer two Christmas ago, baking is much easier than before. I love this mixer. And mine is PINK!

If you like baking, I highly recommend this mixer. I love it!

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