Friday, October 9, 2009

Beef Bowl

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

When I have really thin sliced beef, I make this beef bowl. This is called "Gyudon" in Japan and it is very popular fast food. I had these thin sliced beef in my freezer which I bought in a Japanese supermarket so I made this last night.

It is simply with onion and beef. I flavored it with soy sauce, sugar, red wine, ginger, garlic, black pepper, fish broth powder. And added red pickled ginger on top.

There is a fast food restaurant in Japan called "Yoshino-ya" which is famous for their beef bowls. There are some in California and I used to go there sometimes while I was living there.

My husband and I like it with lots of gingers on top :-)

Anyhow, I am planning to go see a fall foliage this weekend. I think it will be nice to see a beautiful scenery to refresh my mind and body. I am also excited about eating great food during our weekend trip :-) I am glad that my appetite is back!


  1. WOW! So delicious!! Beef bowl is also one of my favourite. Yoshino-ya has many chain store in Singapore so it is also very convenient for us. :)

  2. I love gyudon. I wish Yoshinoya is in my neighborhood... I think there is one in NY?

  3. Hi Anncoo,

    I did not know you can find Yoshino-ya in Shingapore! That is great. I wonder their product line up is little bit different from Yoshino-ya in Japan. Is there a special singapore dish they sell at Singapore Yoshino-ya?

  4. Hi Emi,

    I think there is one in NY. I believe I went there once. But when you are in NYC, there are so many restaurant choices and I ended up trying some new restaurants. I think it is very convenient if there is Yoshino-ya close to work.