Friday, September 11, 2009

Went to see US OPEN (Tennis)

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Yesterday, I went to U.S. Open men's single quarterfinal. I had never been to see a tennis match before so I was pretty excited about my first U.S. Open experience.

The stadium was pretty big. We were pretty up high but it was great and the stadium can hold so many people.

Before the match start, we had some snack at the stadium but I forgot to take pictures so I don't have any food picture from yesterday. Sorry.

The match was between Gonzales and Nadal. Nadal got the first set but I would say they were pretty equally good. During the 2nd set, it started to sprinkle. They had to stop the match for a while until the rain stops.

As they announced, the rain stopped around 9:15pm and they started to dry the court.

During this time, the audience were showed in a big screen. There were music playing in the back so everybody was dancing. I am always amazed how American are very good at entertaining other people. Every time, the camera shows someone on the screen, they were dancing really hard and entertaining other people in the audience. I love it! I don't think this would happen in Japan. This is one of the thing I like about America. People are very friendly, open and cheerful. Despite the rain, we had great time watching other audience on the screen while we waited.

So, the match started again. But in the middle of it, it started to rain again. At this point, I think it was around 10:30pm. They announced that the rain will be continue about 45mins so we decided to leave.

When we came home, we turn the TV on to see if the match was resumed. A few minuets later, they announced that they will not be able to continue the match today.

I felt bad for the people who waited till last. It was too bad that it rained but I really had a great time. I am not a big sports fan but I like going to see any sports game once in a while. I just like this event feel. I like going to sports event here in the U.S. especially looking at the audience on the big screen. Maybe I would like to go to the new Mets stadium sometime. Oh, is baseball season over, now?

Today's post was nothing about food. Next one will be about food again!

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