Monday, September 21, 2009

Oktoberfest in Central Park and Awesome Peruvian restaurant

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There was a German parade and Oktoberfest in Central Park on Sat, so we went to check it out. It was a beautiful day and perfect for being outside in the sun. I also wore Dirndl which is a traditional Bavarian clothes for female. I got this from my husband's family friends when we got married. I love it so much but I don't have too many chances to wear it so this was a perfect chance for me to wear it!

Before the parade, my husband's co-worker invited us for a Bavarian breakfast! There were white sausages, pretzels, German bread, salami and special mustard for the white sausage. It was really good. I did not think we can have such a good white sausage here.

Then, we head to the parade and enjoyed seeing the parade. After the parade, we head to the Oktoberfest in the central park. There were a lot of people and the ticket for entrance was sold out. Luckily, we already had tickets so we were able to get in.

There was a bog tent, and big stage and everybody was already drinking and singing and having fun. We had some potato salad (I love German potato salad), hot dog and stuff.

Some people started piling up the empty pitchers and other group started in other area and it soon became a competition. Everybody was happy and having fun.

After the Oktoberfest, we head to visit our friends who lives in the city. They purchased a juicer a few months ago and they were so into making fresh juice so we wanted to try making fresh juice with them. Since my husband loves watermelon, we decided to make watermelon juice this time. It is amazing how much liquid watermelon hold.

It looked beautiful and tasted good. I think it will be better if we add some other fruit in it. Watermelon itself is a little too watery. But I liked the juicer. It is powerful and makes a great juice. The only problem is that it takes up a counter space.

Then, we went for a dinner to this Peruvian restaurant called "Pio Pio". It is on 1 Ave between 90th and 91th. This restaurant was really really good! I was so impressed with their food. It is such a small place and their menu is very simple but the flavor is so great and the portion is really big. We ordered roasted chicken and fried seafood platter and fried plantain.

The roasted chicken was so tender and juicy. And the green sauce which comes on the side was amazing. It is a bit spicy but not too spicy and taste fresh. Also, the fried seafood platter was something I never had before. They had some kind of pickled onion and vegetables on top of the fried seafood. It goes perfectly well with fried seafood and those picked onions. Even though there are pickled onion on top of the fried seafood, it was still crispy and crunchy. Plus, this place has a very reasonable pricing.

I would definitely go there again! I am so happy that our friend introduced this restaurant to us. There are so many restaurant in NY, it is sometimes difficult to find a great restaurant with good price. Too bad I forgot to take picture of the food from this restaurant....

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