Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tacos and cilantro lime rice

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I love Mexican food. But I don't cook Mexican food too much at home because it seems very complicated. However, I make tacos at home sometimes. It is not authentic tacos but it is easy to make and always good.

Since I had not made tacos for over a year or so, I decided to make tacos last night.

When I first came to the U.S., I did not like Mexican food too much but now I love it. I love going to Mexican restaurant. I miss this one Mexican restaurant I used to go in California. It is called "Fiesta del Mar". They have the best shrimp dish. I really hope I can find a good Mexican restaurant in NY. If anyone knows a great Mexican restaurant in NY, please let me know.

Anyhow, I think tacos is a fun meal to make. It might be even good to make it with your children if you have children. You can make it with ground beef, grilled beef, grilled chicken or grilled vegetables if you are vegetarian.

I also made cilantro lime rice on the side. This rice was so good. Since I love cilantro, this rice was perfect for me. I will be making this rice more often. It is very simple mixture of cilantro, lime, garlic and oil. I think if I used more cilantro, it made the color greener. It was very refreshing and great flavored rice.

If you have a good Mexican restaurant in your neighborhood, I think it will be better to eat at the restaurant but if you don't have a good Mexican restaurant around, home-made taco is fun and good dinner to make at home. If you use soft taco or fry your own crispy taco, it will be more authentic.

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