Wednesday, September 2, 2009

simple lahoi chicken curry with onion and tomato & sweet saffron pilaf with nuts and currants

Last night, I tried two dishes from this book (Indian home cooking) which I borrowed from library the other day.

It takes quite a lot of time and work but it was definitely worth it. It was awesome!

First I made "sweet saffron pilaf with nuts and currants". This pilaf has pistachio, almond, dried currant and many spices. It required 2/3 cup of sugar but I did no want to make it too sweet so I use less than half of that amount. For me. it was perfect. It was sweet yet not too sweet and nutty. The book said that you can also eat this as a snack or dessert but we ate this with chicken curry.

This chicken curry recipe was also from the same book. I think I was supposed to use chicken with bone but I used boneless chicken breast this time. This is also quite a lot of work because after you saute spice, onion and tomato etc, you have to put them in the mixer and puree and put them back to the pan and cook more. But it worth all the work. It was tangy and spicy and creamy (even tough I did not use cream at all).

This tangy spicy curry went really well with this sweet saffron pilaf. I really love the combination. My husband also loved these dish especially the pilaf. I think I will be making this pilaf again. It makes me so happy when I make something that taste really good and exceed my own expectation.

Indian food need lots of different kind of spices but there are many Indian grocery store in NY, I can purchase them without any problem. Well, now a days, I am sure you can order anything on-line. I am very thankful that I have access to all these different flavors and spices. I would love to try more dishes from this book.

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