Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seafood Yakisoba (stir fried noodle)

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I set up grill pan on a table and made seafood Yakisoba last night. Yakisoba is Japanese stir fried noodle with vegetables. Often times, it is with pork but I had frozen seafood mix in a freezer so I decided to use it and make seafood Yakisoba.

First, I prepared vegetables and seafood mix. I stir fried those separately before cooking noodle.

Then, Boil some noodle

Add vegetables and seafood mix

Mix well

Add special yakisoba sauce (it is kind of like Worcestershire's sauce)


I like having grilling plate on the table. In Japan, we use this kind of grilling pan or pot quite often. We use it for BBQ, shabu shabu, sukiyaki and so on. This is great because you can cook at the table with your own pace and the food is always hot.

I think this is great for especially busy moms because you just have to cut some vegetables and put them on a table. Cooking will be done by everyone who is at the table.

By the way, last weekend, one of my neighbor took me to a Taralli factory. Pictures of Tarelli are at the end of this old post.

It was a small factory and you wouldn't notice from the outside. Since my neighbor has been there many times, we just went in. But if I was by myself, I wouldn't have gone in because it does not look like it is open for public.

It was a small factory with just three people working there. There were no sign that say they sell any taralli there. We just went in and said hi to the workers there.

One guy came over to us and started talking in Italian. One of my neighbor spoke Italian so she talked to him and he gave us samples of different kind of Taralli. They had one with red peppers, garlic, fennel, black pepper and so on. They also had sweet Taralli shaped cookie and Focaccia bread. I bought 1 pound of red pepper Taralli and one Focaccia bread.

I did not bring my camera so there is not picture but it was a great experience and they make really good Taralli. The guy only spoke Italian but he was really nice and funny.

These Taralli are dangerous because once I start, I can not stop eating them. I am glad that they took me this factory. From now on, I know where I can get fresh baked Taralli.

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