Monday, September 28, 2009

My mom's super pound cake

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My mom used to give us homemade snack quite often when I was little. Back then, I wanted to have snacks from the store like other kids do, but now I think it was great that my mom baked quite often at home. The smell of baking sweets bring me back to my happy childhood.

My mom likes making other people happy. She used to invite her friends and bake something for them. Sometimes, when she likes something, she bake that same thing over and over. My sister and I used to complain about it because we didn't want to have same kind of sweets over and over. Now, I feel bad that we complained. I would happily eat same sweets everyday if she makes it now.

I felt lots of love from my mom's baking and that feeling is a very good memory now in my heart. I think whatever your mom made when you are little remind you of your mom and you never forget the taste and the feeling of that time.

Now, my mom does not bake as much as she used to but it makes her happy to know that I am trying to recreate what she used to make.

Well, one of the sweets she used to make quite often was pound cake. This is a very simple pound cake. Easy to make and fool proof.

I was looking at other people's blog the other day and someone was baking a pound cake with lady grey tea leaves in it. I decided to make my mom's pound cake and add some earl grey tea leaves in it.
Here is my mom's pound cake recipe

Butter 200g
Flour 200g
Sugar 200g
Egg 4
Baking powder 1 teaspoon
vanilla extract 1 teaspoon

1. Whisk butter in a large bowl until it is white in color.

2. Add sugar little by little and whisk together.

3. Add Egg one by one and whisk.

4. Add Flour and mix well.

5. Add baking power and vanilla extract and hold them in.

6. Place the mixture in a pound cake mold and bake it for about 40mins in 325F (160C) oven.

For this recipe, I added some earl grey leaves. Unfortunately, the flavor of earl grey did not come through. You can also add lemon juice if you like.

I shared this pound cake with my next door neighbor and they liked it also. This is really easy recipe and always come out pretty good. I hope you like it also :-)

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  1. I would like to keep this in my to do list. The texture looks so beautiful.