Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mushroom Risotto

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Last night, I used the chicken stock I made for Mushroom Risotto. I make this dish quite often since I love Risotto and I love Mushroom. So for me, this is a heavenly combination. Every time I see Mushroom, I think about Mushroom Risotto.

I wrote this before a few times but my husband does not like Mushroom too much. He can eat them but if he has a choice, he prefer other items than Mushrooms. Even though I feel bad for him a little bit, since I like Mushroom so much, I cook with mushroom quite often. He has no choice but eat mushroom....

Normally, he leave some mushrooms on his plate but last night he ate them all and said it was delicious. I think it might be because he is recovering from a cold, his sense of taste might be a little off. But he was so happy and said he will be eating more mushrooms from now on! This makes me happy since I can make more mushroom dishes from now on :-)

I hope he start liking eggplant now also. Well, one thing at a time. If I make a great eggplant dish, he might also start liking eggplant someday.

I used regular white mushroom and dried porcini mushroom yesterday. Also, I drizzled truffle oil at the end. My husband loves this truffle oil so maybe this was a good trick to make him love mushroom.

Anyhow, this mushroom risotto was really good. I am excited to think about next mushroom dish :-)

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