Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mascarpone and Balsamico Pasta

Welcome to 7th Kitchen

Last night, I found a pack of mascarpone cheese which is almost expire. I had to use this mascarpone as soon as possible so I made this simple past dish.

This is a dish my husband make quite often. When he makes it, he does not add any vegetable but I added arugula this time. This is super easy to make. Here is how.

For 2~3 people

Bow-tie pasta 300g
Mascarpone cheese 1 package (8oz)
Balsamic vinegar 2 table spoon
Pepper 1/2 tea spoon
Arugula 1 cup

1. Boil pasta and drain.

2. Heat up the mascarpone cheese in a pot until it melt. Add balsamic vinegar and pepper.

3. Add pasta into mascarpone mixture.

4. Add arugula into pasta and mix them well.

5. Serve

I love balsamic vinegar so I add quite a lot of it but if you don't like tangy taste, you can use less. I think you can also use other kind of vegetable or you don't need to add any vegetable.

I went to Manhattan yesterday to meet up with my old friend. He is a pilot and he fly to NY about twice a year. Since he is here for business, he only had one free day but it was great to see him again and updating about what is going on with our lives.

I met him when I was living in California but now I live in NY and he lives in Asia. We never imagined that we will be living in those places when we were in California. Life is full of surprises. It is nice to meet those friends who live far away. I appreciate that he made time for me during his busy schedule.

Anyhow, my point is that when you don't have much time to cook something such as myself yesterday, this dish is great. It is easy and quick. And my husband love pasta.