Monday, September 14, 2009

Hamburg & gyoza plate

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When I see cilantro in my fridge, I can not help but make this simple tomato salsa. This is just with tomato, onion and cilantro. It is fresh and taste good every time. Ever since I started to make this salsa, I can not buy salsa in a jar at the supermarket. I like making my own with fresh cilantro.

This is a great party food or snack especially in summer. I make this quite often.

For dinner, I defrost hamburg and gyoza from the freezer. Ever time I make hamburg or gyoza, I make a lot and freeze them for later. Hamburg is like a hamburger patty but has some vegetables and spices in it. It is very popular food in Japan. (Especially for kids) Gyoza is Japanese pot stickers. I posted my recipe in a previous entry. You can crick here for the recipe.

It was rainy on Friday so we stayed home on Friday night and watched "Hero Season 3". The tennis match which was postponed from Thursday night to Friday was postponed again to Sat. So now, men's single final is moved to Monday. It sucks for the people who were planning to go the final on Sunday because now, it is on Monday and they have to take a day off or leave the office early to go see the match. But I am pretty sure that there are many people who take a day off for this.

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