Monday, September 14, 2009

Guggenheim Museum and Italian dinner

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

We have been living in NY for more then 3 years but we had not been to Guggenheim Museum yet. So We decided to go to Guggenheim Museum on this cloudy day.

We took our car and we were lucky enough to find a free parking right in front of the Museum. We were pretty surprised.

This Museum is also famous for its architecture. I believe it was Frank Lloyd Wright who was the architect for this building. It is very modern and looks beautiful both from inside and outside. It is spiral and had glass ceiling.

I felt little dizzy by looking at spirals but it is a beautiful building.

Unfortunately, the museum was preparing for the next exhibition so they closed half of the building. Maybe because of that, there weren't too many people and we were able to listen to the explanation of the pieces from the machine and spend a moment with each piece without rush.

After the museum, we went to this Italian restaurant called "UVA" which is on the 2nd ave between 77th and 78th st to meet up with our friends. We had never been to this restaurant but the atmosphere was really nice and food was also good with reasonable price.

We had a few appetizers. As I tend to get so excited when I see food, I forgot to take first two appetizers. One of them was bruschetta with sheep cheese and honey and truffle oil. Oh, this was really really good!

This is one of the appetizer which I was able to take picture. It is grilled vegetables. My personal favorite is Eggplant.

For the main course, I had homemade ribbon pasta with veal ragu. This was really good. I just wished it had more ragu.

My friends and my husband were having Penne Pasta, Truffle gnocchi and Vitello Tonatto.

I tried all of them but they tasted pretty good.

We were pretty full after the main course but of course we had some dessert.

I shared lemon tart with my husband. It was light and perfect dessert after heavy meal.

My friends were having Almond cake with ice cream and Nutella dessert.

Almond cake was really good but the chocolate was bit too heavy for me. But it looks very pretty. Great presentation :-)

The Nutella dessert was way too heavy for me but if you love Nutella, this is the perfect dessert for you.

We spent great time over great food. It is always nice to see friends for dinner. I appreciate that they came tonight despite the fact that we call them this morning. We had a wonderful Saturday with great friends. Plus, the traffic was not bad a all today so that also made it easy for us to go in and out the city.

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