Friday, September 4, 2009

Dinner in Manhattan & Japanese book at book off

Last night, I went to Manhattan to meet up some of my friends to have dinner. Unfortunately, I was so excited to see them and forgot to take picture of the food....

Well, before I go to the restaurant, I went to this used book store called "Book Off". This is a Japanese used book store and they sell many Japanese books with good price. I love book store in general and I can spend hours at book store.

I bought 2 cooking magazines and 3 fiction books. They were $1 each. Its a bargain.

Also, I found this book which talk about lack of communication skill education in Japanese schools. I just started to read this so I have not finished it yet but there were many points which I could agree. I think my communication skill is not great and it is not just because that English is not my first language but also I don't have good communication skills in Japanese which is my first language.

When I was in Japanese school, I never really had to give speech in classes, I did not have to actively participate in the class discussion, I did not learn how to debate or construct my opinion logically in order to explain my point. So, I was so surprised that I had to give speech in almost all the classes in university here in the U.S. And everybody was so good at giving speech in a class. I was shocked.

In Japan, people expect others to understand many things without actually telling them and use quite a lot of vague expressions. As a result, I think we have good sensing skills but not good communication skills. Well, I can not speak for all the Japanese people but at least I did not have a good communication skills.

When I first came to the U.S., I was surprised how people answer to my question. People spend a long time to explain what they want to say to make it easier for the other person to understand better. When I was asked some questions, I always answered in just one or two sentences. Part of it was my English skill but I think most of it was my communication skill. I did not even try to expand my conversation with details.

Now, I think I am getting better with communication skills. I still have many problems in my communication but I am trying to talk more in details and explain myself better to others. Also, this book will show more tips on how to train your communication skills so I am excited to read more about it.

Anyhow, after "Book Off", I head to the restaurant but my favorite Indian grocery store was near the restaurant so I went to get Ghee. Ghee is Indian purified butter and I used them when I cook Indian food.

Then, I met up with my friend at the restaurant called " I Trulli"

It is an Italian restaurant which is on 27th st between Park and Lexington.

I had octopus for appetizer and Pasta with tomato and eggplant for the main.

Octopus was tender and really good. Pasta was a bit too sour for me but it was good. (too bad I don't have pictures today.)

The service was really good and they have a nice big garden in the back where you can have dinner.

I laughed so much at the dinner. My face was hurting after the dinner. It was so much fun and three hours passed by so quickly. I really appreciate having great friends who makes me laugh.


  1. When I used to live in NY, Bookoff was one of my favorite places to go. I also liked cookbooks in the downstairs. :)

  2. Yes! cook book section downstairs is my favorite section!
    They have old magazines such as "3pun cooking" for $1. When it comes to cookbook, it does not matter if it is old or not. Good food is always good!