Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Broiled Salmon and sauteed snow pea

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!
Last night, we made salmon and sauteed snow pea. One of our friends made this dish for us one day and since then, we make this salmon dish quite often. It is simple and easy to make and taste good.

I had salmon filet in the freezer so I used it. Normally, we buy big piece of salmon at Costco. They have good quality salmon and it is cheap. It normally about $15~$20 for a big piece of salmon at Costco. We buy them and cut them into half and freeze them.

Salmon is simply baked in the oven or broiled in the broiler for about 10mins. We add chopped green onion and soy sauce based sauce. and that is it. I think when the quality of fish is good, simple way of cooking is the best.

I also sauteed some snow pea. This is also simply flavored with salt and pepper. I add sesames at the end. It was really good. And I love the color next to the salmon.

We had this with simple white rice and miso soup. My husband likes miso soup. When I was little, I did not like miso soup too much but now I like it. If you have miso paste, it is super easy to make and you can use many different kind of vegetable in it.

I love this salmon dish because it is easy and also it is economical. I bought this piece of salmon for about $16. The salmon picture above with the aluminum foil is half of what I bought and this will feed about 4 people. So, $16 salmon can feed about 8 people in total. (Well, we don't eat too much so maybe it might be for about 6 people in a regular household) Isn't it a good deal? I mean if you have salmon at a restaurant, it cost like $20 per person.

But, I also like eating out. You can experience many different kind of ingredients and different kind of preparation. I can learn a lot of things from eating at restaurant. And when I eat something really good at the restaurant, I always want to try to recreate them at home.


  1. Hi,

    I like cooking too, Im' from Madagascar. Your blog is beautiful for me, I'll take time to visit it periodically.

    Nice to know you ! I want you to take a visit to my blog, there are some pictures of food.

  2. Hi Kalaneny,

    Thank you for your comment! I am still learning how to take a good picture of food. I think I need a good lighting to take good picture. (And maybe good camera and good skills also...)

    But thank you for the compliment! I will try to have more beautiful food picture :-)