Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baked Acorn Squash with ground beef

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I started to find pumpkins and squash in the market. The autumn is definitely here. I found this Acorn Squash the other day and decided to try. I never cooked this squash before but I figured it must be similar to the pumpkins which I used to eat in Japan.

Well, quite a long time ago, I had this pumpkin dish at my friend's house. The head of pumpkin was cut open and it was baked with ground beef inside. I decided to recreate this dish from my memory.

First, I cut the Acorn in the half and took the seeds out. Then I cooked it in a oven with some butter and sugar for about 1 hour and half. (I followed some recipe from the Internet)

Meanwhile, I cooked chopped onion and ground beef in a frying pan and add some spices.

Then, when the Acorn squash is soft and done, I spoon the ground beef mixture into the hole of Acorn squash and bake more for about 10mins.

Then, it is done.

The Acorn squash was sweet and was great with salty ground beef. I was surprised how well it turned out. I am glad that I tried this squash. I like cooking with new ingredients especially when it turn out really good.

I am thinking about Butternut squash soup next. I made this last year for the first time and this was also really good. It is rich soup and great for a chilly night.

By the way, the Halloween is coming soon. I used to go to a Halloween party every year when I was living in California. But I haven't been to a Halloween Party for a while. It was difficult to come up with what costume I would wear but I liked Halloween party. Some people really spend lots of time and effort and have a great costume. I dressed up as 70's disco queen, nurse, pirates and stuff like that. Nothing extraordinary.

My roommate in California used to have a costume contest at his work and he used to go to work with a costume on a Halloween day. I think it is great. I wonder if he still wear his costume every year. Well, now he is a father of a son so I am sure that he dress up his kids on a Halloween day. I saw so many cute costume for baby and little kids in a store. It must be fun to dress your kids up for Halloween!

This year's Halloween falls on Sat. We don't have a plan yet but it might be fun to go to the city and see all these people dressed up in a costume and parade through the city.

Halloween is one of my favorite Holiday in the U.S. :-)

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