Friday, August 28, 2009

roasted pears with blue cheese & tomato with goat cheese tart

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Yesterday, I made somethings I never made before. It is goo to try new things.

First, it is" buffalo chicken dip". Actually, I made this a day before yesterday. A few weeks ago, I went to my friend's party and tried this dip for the first time. It was really good so I wanted to make it at home. I searched online for recipe and gather all the information. So, it seems like you add cream cheese, cheddar cheese, hot sauce and ranch dressing and heat them up in the oven and mix then add shredded chicken and bake more in the oven. It is very rich so you can not eat lots of them but a few tortilla chips with this dip makes perfect party food. I love the taste of buffalo chicken. It is tangy and hot.

Next is "roasted pears with blue cheese". This is a recipe from Ina Garten from food network. You can find this recipe here.

You make an indentation in the pear and place dried cranberry, blue cheese and walnuts mixture. Then, pour the sauce (port-wine, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar) over it and roast them in the oven. When it is roasted, place it on top of the arugula.

I love the combination of pear and blue cheese. The port taste was a bit too strong. Especially for my husband. So next time, I would like to reduce the amount of port.

Then, I made "tomato and goat cheese tart". This is also from Ina Garten. Click Here for the recipe. On a pre-made pie sheet, add sauteed onion, tomato, basil, goat cheese and parmigiana cheese and put in the oven. This was also good. My husband suggested that it might be also good with pizza dough. I also think this will make a good pizza. Maybe I will try it with pizza dough next time.

Come to think of it, all these items included cheese. Since they all have cheese, they are pretty rich but it was great to taste different kind of cheese at one table. I never used pear or goat cheese in my cooking so it was great to expand my horizon and try new things. I am sure that I will be using these ingredients more in the future. Also, I will be trying new recipe more to explore the world of food.

If you are interested in her cook books, here are some of her books.

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