Monday, August 24, 2009

My Little container garden and Plum (prune) Chicken

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!
Our little container garden is doing well and ready to be eaten! This picture here is Japanese basil like plant called "Shiso". I love Shiso because it is so fragrant and taste very refreshing. You can use this in bunch of dishes. You can just use it like a regular basil. And you can just take the leaves and then new ones come out.

We also have tomato and jalapeno growing. I have a few different kind of tomato this year. One of them is heirloom tomato. They are so good but so expensive when you buy at the supermarket. I had a few the other day and it was so sweet.

I am excited to eat all the plants which I grow. I spent lots of time and care for these plants. (My neighbour also took good care of them while we were gone on a trip).

Well, today I would like to introduce one of the recipe I learned from my mother in-law while I was in Germany. As I said before, she is a great cook and I love learning new recipe from her.
This is also one of my favorite recipe. It called "Plum (Prune) Chicken". It is quite simple to make but taste really good.

First thing you need to do is to soak the prune in a cognac or brandy for about 2 hours.

Chop some onion into fine dices. Add butter into a pan and sautee onion until it is soft. Take it out.

Then, cut chickens into a bite size pieces then saute them in a pan with some oil.

When chickens are cooked, add some grape tomatoes (cut into half) into the chicken and saute.

When tomatoes are cooked, add prunes with the liquid into the pan and add some vegetable bouillon. Also, add the onion back to the pan. Cook them until the prune absorb all the liquid and get plump for about 20mins. (If you don't have vegetable bouillon, I think you can also use chicken bouillon). Salt and Pepper

Serve them with rice.

This is so tasty. Key is the cognac.

Actually, I couldn't find a memo which I wrote down while I learned this dish so I called my mother in-law to make sure that I remember correctly. Of course, I did not remember the most important part! Cognac! I am glad that I called her and asked her.

Please try this recipe, it is easy, simple but delicious.

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