Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Munich and then to Italy

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We flew to Munich which is my husband's hometown. So I had been to Munich a few times before but Munich in summer is something magical. One of the magical things happening in Munich summer is Beergarden

There are so many beergardens all around Munich and everybody is enjoying beer and food in beergarden. Even on a weekday night, there are many people enjoying nice summer night. 
One thing I like about beergarden is that you can also bring your own food from home. You can not bring your own drink but you can bring your own food. Many people bring whatever they like to eat but enjoy them with cold beer. Some also bring table cloth and make it at home. I think Germans are very good at enjoying nature without spending too much money. 

Here is a beergarden before dark. 

And here is another after dark. 

I just love the atmosphere of beergarden. Everybody happy. Enjoying summer night with your friends or family. 

Of course, one of the things I like about beergarden is the food! They have a lot of different food there also. Mostly typical Bavarian food, I think. They have grilled chicken, they have grilled fish, pretzel and of course, sausages. 

If you ever go to Munich in summer, please go to beergarden. I am sure you will like it. (Some beergarden also show some soccer games on a big screen :-)

Friends invited us over for a brunch one day. You can not see it in the picture but they prepared White sausage breakfast which is very typical Bavarian. My husband love this white sausage and he always say that he has to have white sausage at least once while he is in Munich. I like it also with special sweet mustard they have. And, what do you drink with your breakfast? Of course! Beer!!!!

It is so nice to have friends who take time for you when they are also busy. They even dressed up in traditional Bavarian outfit for us! What a welcome! 

My sister flew in to Munich from Japan to go to Italy with us. Since she works in Japan, it is very difficult for her to take long vacations (long vacation mean one week in Japan..). There were some holiday in Japan so she combined with her vacation days and came to join us for a week. 

We took my sister to (guess what?) beergarden (of course!)that night and early next morning, we were off to Italy! 

I think it takes about 5 hours from Munich to Venice if you drive on a freeway but on the way to Italy, we decided to take some road in the Alps. It was a beautiful ride but very curvy. The view in the Alps always reminds me of this cartoon called "Heidi" which I used to watch when I was a little. 

We stopped many places on the way and after we passed the Italian border, we decided to have lunch at this mountain resort. 

My first meal in Italy was Spaghetti Alla Carbonara. Maybe I expected too much but it was OK. I thought pasta will be just mind-blowing in Italy so I was a bit disappointed. But maybe because this was kind of touristic place... Anyhow, we head to Venice after the lunch!

We arrived at the hotel which was near the airport. There were not too many things around the airport so we drove a little bit to find a restaurant for dinner. We found this little downtown and found a restaurant. This was not a touristic place so all the people around us seems like local people. 

One of the dish I wanted to have in Italy was "grilled scampi". I found it in the menu so I ordered them. It did not make me full but it tasted so good. I could have eaten one more plate of this but I didn't. 

My husband had a pizza with olives. 

My sister had pasta with squid ink which tasted good but it did not come out good in the picture so I will not put up the picture here. 

Next day, we went to this island called "Murano" which is famous for their glass. It was cute little island with water canal all over the island. The transportation for the people who live here were boat or walk. My sister love glass art so she was so happy to get some cute glass stuff there. 

And we had lunch in this island. I had Spaghetti Vongole. It was awesome. As you can see in the picture. 

My husband had Fried Calamari. 

My sister had pasta with shrimp and arugula

All of them were really good but the Fried Calamari was just perfect. 

There was a Italian family behind us having lunch also. What I realized was that they had appetizer, then pasta and some kind of meat for main dish! I couldn't believe it but Italians can eat well! I wanted to try other stuff but I couldn't eat anymore after just one bowl of pasta... 

After Murano, we took the ferry to Venice. As it get closer, I can see the beautiful city on the horizon and felt like I was in a different era. It is just breath taking view. 

Then, we arrived and we were just so surprised how many people were on that island! I mean, I did not expect this much of people. There were people everywhere. We were welcomed in Venice with so many fellow tourists. I will tell you about Venice more tomorrow. 

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