Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An island in Northern Germany

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Next stop in Germany was an island in Northern Germany where my parents in laws are having vacation. I have so many great pictures form this island and it is very difficult to pick a few. This island is a beautiful island with lots of nature. It seems like there are many people coming here for summer vacation. 

My parents in law rented a tandem for me and my husband. This was my first time riding tandem and at first, I was bit scared but soon enough, I get used to it and was able to enjoy the ride. Plus, I was rinding in the back so I didn't have to steer. 

Four of us went to a bike tour around the island, visiting a small towns near by. The weather was great and there were so much natures around. As you can see in the pictures, there are many sheep just hanging around. They were just eating grass, minding their own business. 
I love the color combination of blue sky, green grass and white sheep. It was very peaceful. I really really enjoyed my tandem ride. 

During the bike ride, we saw so many lady bugs. I didn't know what happened but it was just crazy amount of lady bugs. I like lady bugs so it was great but many of them were on the floor which sometimes you accidentally have to step on. It might be a bit difficult to see on the picture but it just lady bugs everywhere. If you look closely, you see lady bugs in the grass and this goes on for miles. I believe that this bring us so many luck for so many years! 

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I love this yellow mushroom called pfifferlinge (Chanterelle in English). Since my mother in law knows that I love this mushroom, she got two big container full of mushroom for me! They looked so beautiful and I was so happy to see this. 
She taught me how to make a special German dish using this mushroom. It is bread dumpling and chanterelle cream sauce. It was so good and I would love to make this here in the U.S. also. The only problem is that it is not easy to get chanterelle. Maybe I can use other kind of mushroom for this. 

Anyway, my mother in law is a excellent cook. She is also great with decoration and presentation of the table. I learned a lot of great dishes from her and those recipes are one of my treasures. I think I am a good cook but I am not so good at presentation yet. I would like to be better at presentation and also at table decoration. Great looking table and food makes the food taster even better! Like this coffee she made. Doesn't it makes you smile?

During the stay in this island, my parents in law took us to this restaurant called "Alt Wyk". This is my mother in law's favorite restaurant and she was happy to be able to bring us there and share her joy with us. I was so excited about this restaurant also because my mother in law told me a lot about this restaurant and since she is a great cook herself, if she likes it, it must be an excellent restaurant. 

The restaurant was like a small house. It is separated into a small rooms and very cozy and cute but the waiters were very professional and the service was excellent. The chef is an owner of this restaurant and he create different menu every month using seasonal ingredients. 

First, I had Carpaccio. I liked how it had flowers in the middle. It tasted so good also. Perfect seasoning and perfect presentation. 

Then, I had pasta with summer truffles. Look at the amount of truffle he put on top of the pasta! I was so surprised and excited about the amount of truffle because I love them! The smell of truffle was just heavenly and the sauce was creamy and it was just amazing. 

As a main, I had monk fish. Here, he had two different kind of monkish preparation. One was with pineapple sauce which was surprisingly good together. The other one was panko breaded monk fish with some sushi rice and wasabi sauce. I really liked this wasabi sauce because wasabi can be too spicy and sometimes you can not really enjoy the flavor of wasabi. This one was not spicy and you can really enjoy the taste of wasabi with the monk fish. I wonder what is in that sauce. 

The dessert was a combination of 5 different mini dessert. My favorite was raspberry sorbet. It tasted very intense and refreshing. 

I really really liked this restaurant. It is not just the taste of the food but also the presentation which was so beautiful. In Japan, we often say that you eat your food first with your eyes. So you first enjoy the food with your eyes and then you enjoy the taste. I was able to do that in this restaurant. This chef is an artist. I think he really want his food look pretty as well as the taste.

Luckily, I was able to talk to the chef for a little bit after the dinner. He was very friendly and was happy to hear that I liked his food. His food was very inspirational. After I had his food, I really wanted to make my food presentation skill better.  

Well, we really enjoyed the stay in this island. It was very relaxing and lots of great food! I appreciate everything my parents in law did for us to make this vacation fun and tasty! 

After the island, we flew to Munich and then went to Italy. Tomorrow I will write about Munich and maybe a little bit of Italy. 

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