Monday, August 17, 2009

Germany trip 1

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

So, I am back in NY and I would like to share my Europe trip with you as I have promised. First, We visited Germany. We went to see one of our friends who lives outside Frankfurt. It was about 45mins from Frankfurt and this place was very peaceful and nice. 

This friend is one of my husband friend from college but I have met her many times already so she is also my friend. I hadn't seen her for a while so it was really nice to see her and talk about a lot of things. I don't know why but I felt that we connected more than before. We went for a coffee and then we went to dinner at Lebanese restaurant. I don't think I ever had Lebanese food but it was something little bit similar to the Azerbaijan food which I had in NY.

This Lebanese restaurant was small but modern looking and the waitress were very nice and friendly. First we had some dolma and some dips with bread. 

My main course was something spectacular which I don't remember its name.... (I should have written down , I know) It is like a hamburger patty made out of lamb and beef (I think). And it comes with eggplant (my favorite) and sauteed onion and peppers. It was Divine. I loved it. I would love to re-create this at home. I just need to find a name of this dish so I can search for the recipe. 

Also, this potato dish was great. It was like garlic fried potatoes with herbs. I would also like to re-create this at home but I don't know when I should add garlic and herbs in this dish. This is another research project. 

After the dinner, we moved to the lounge area of the restaurant and had good tea. It came with a pot which looks like something from Arabian night. I like this atmosphere. It is very relaxing and the tea was awesome. 

We had a great time and we hope to see her and her husband again sometime soon! 

After that, we went to hamburg. To my surprise, Hamburg was a beautiful city. For some reason, I did not have any good image of Hamburg but it was actually very beautiful with lots of water around the city. 

We went harbor and also a boat ride on the lake. There were so many beautiful houses around the lake. We also went to a park which had a Japanese garden in it. Hamburg somehow remind me of little bit of Stockholm. Both of them are beautiful cities with lots of water around it. 

In hamburg, we went to this nice restaurant which has a small square inside the building. I had Whitefish with mustered cream sauce. This was really good! I don't know what kind of fish it was but it was fresh and excellent. This is also something I would like to try at home.


After Hamburg, we head to north. Since I had never been to Denmark, we crossed border of Denmark and came back. Now, I can say that I went to Denmark, right? 

Then we had dinner at this nice town called Flensburg which is in Germany but close to the border of Denmark. Flensburg was also a nice cute little city. We had German Beer and some German food there. 

My husband ordered some sausages and I ordered baked potato with pfifferlinge which I uploaded a picture on Aug 3 . Pfifferlinge is a kind of mushroom which seems popular in Germany. I love this mushroom so every time I have a chance to eat them, I try to eat them. I don't see them often in the U.S. and even if I do, it is quite expensive so I tried to eat as much pfifferlinge as possible while I was in Germany. 

When we left Hamburg, I saw a ladybug and took this picture. I had no idea that we will be welcomed by thousand of ladybugs a few days later. (Please read tomorrow's post for details)

Well, this was a first few days of my Germany trip. After this, we went to a northern island of Germany and spent a few days with my parents in laws. I have lots of great pictures from this island. I will tell you tomorrow what I did and what I ate in this beautiful island of Germany. 

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