Friday, July 17, 2009

Thai Lunch

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

I had Thai lunch yesterday with my friend. I make Thai curry at home so I have not been to Thai restaurant for a while. This restaurant is close to where I live but I had never tried so I was really excited to try them for the first time. 

The place is really small but very nice and clean. The service was good and the food was awesome. 

First, I had a soup which came with the lunch special. I believe this soup was Tom Yum Kung. It was tangy and little bit spicy and delicious! I love Thai soup. I normally take tangy coconut soup but Tom Yum Kung was also really good. I never even tried to make these soups at home but I would love to try it sometimes if I can get ingredients for it. 

Then, we shared "Egg Plant Salad". This was something which reminded me of Japanese dish called "Yakinasu". "Yakinasu" is not salad and it is just baked eggplants without the skin. This salad we had had baked skinless eggplants, ground pork, mint leaves, lettuce, carrots, etc. We loved it! I love eggplant. I never had ground pork in my salad but it was really good conbination with eggplant. 

I chose "Ginger Shrimp" for my main course. The vegetable were perfectly cooked and very crisp and fresh. Only thing I should have asked was to make it a little bit spicy. 

Overall, I really liked this restaurant and defenitely would like to come back sometime for other dishes. I love Thai food. 

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