Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stuffed Peppers (Japanese style?)

I had some ground beef leftover from our BBQ so I made stuffed peppers yesterday. I think many people make stuffed peppers in different ways. And here in the U.S., I think the most common style is to cut the top of peppers and stuff ground meat and rice mixture. I love that one also but this one I made yesterday was a little bit different. The peppers were cut in half and the mixture does not have rice in it. This is a common stuffed pepper prepared in Japan. 

Inside the mixture, I had ground beef, onion, garlic, bread crumbs and some spices. I love nutmeg so I added lot of nutmeg. 

When I was little, I did not like bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, etc. I did not like many vegetables. It is amazing how your taste buds change over time. Now, I love all those vegetables but I don't quite pinpoint when it changed. I am glad that now I can enjoy all these delicious vegetables! Is it a common thing that happen? Does anyone have same kind of experience? 

I would like to try cooking different kind of vegetables which I never cooked before such as beets. I never cooked anything with beets and I would love to try. At one restaurant in NY, I had this beets pasta. It looked pretty and tasted really good. The color of beets are amazing.  Speaking of beets, I have been wanting to try making "Borshch". I love Borshch. I think it is beautiful and yummy. 

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  1. Have u got the recipe for American Barbeque sauce? i couldn't find it!

  2. Actually, I never made American BBQ sauce myself. Normally, I buy those sauce from a store. But here are the two website which I often use to look for recipes. They might have some good BBQ recipe.

    I hope you will find a good recipe!