Friday, July 3, 2009

Simple Tomato Salsa for Tortilla Chips

Tomorrow is Independence day so many people have a day off today. It is a beginning of three days weekend! I think some people also took a day off yesterday to make it even longer. One of my neighbour also took a day off yesterday so they invited me over for a drink and snacks. 

I brought this simple tomato salsa and tortilla chips. I make this salsa all the time. This is great for a party also. My friend in California taught me this about 10 years ago and I have been making this ever since. It is so simple and so fresh. It is just tomato, cilantro and onion. Maybe some salt. That's it. I can eat a bowl full of this salsa! 

At my neighbor, we had mozzarella cheese and prosciutto which were really good. And also, I had two things I never had before. One was a drink called "Bloody Beer". You mix beer and tomato juice or bloody Mary mix and ice. 

When they told me about this drink, I was not sure about it but when I tried it, I really liked it. I was surprised. They told me that their friend from Texas told them about this drink. This might be my summer drink for this year:-)

Other thing I tried for the first time was what they called "Taralles". I did not take a picture so I don't know how to explain this but it is kind of like Italian pretzel. The one I had was a small bite size ring shaped snack which has consistency of cookie but not sweet. I had plain one and fennel one. They were so good! I could not stop eating this. 

I had a great time and was glad that they introduce me to those new drink and snack! 

So the dinner last night was something also easy to make. I used some leftover chi ken from yesterday and also leftover Ratatouille from the day before and added to some Rigatoni Pasta and sprinkle cheese over. It came out pretty good and I was able to use those leftovers. 

Anyhow, I wish everybody a happy Independence weekend!!!

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