Thursday, July 16, 2009

Roasted Pork with Chmichurri Sauce and French beans

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

I worked really hard yesterday to make this dish. It took me much longer than I expected but the result was great! 

First, I made Chimichurri sauce which I wanted make since I went to the Cuban restaurant the other day. Sissa wrote me a recipe on the comment for my June 26th post so I made this sauce following this recipe. Thank you Sissa! It was wonderful. 

Roast pork took more time than I have expected. First, I put in the broiler but the temperature did not reach 160F and it started to burn outside so I changed it to oven and baked them until the inside reach at least 160F. (which I read that is a safe temperature for pork cooking) 

Meanwhile, I boiled french beans and sautéed with bacon and onion. I add some vinegar and sugar so it is sweet and sour. 

My husband really liked this dish and he wanted to bring the leftover for lunch next day. He wanted to have Chimichurri sauce also but it was pretty garlicky so I was not sure if his colleagues would like him after lunch. 

I did not put Chimichurri sauce for his lunch. I did not tell him so let's see what he will say tonight when I see him. :-)

I needed some carb in my meal so I also made some french fries on the side. It was frozen store bought french fries but I actually fried them last night. It made a huge difference. (Normally, we bake them in the oven) It was crispy and really good! 

Yesterday, I realized how difficult to make roast pork. I mean it is difficult to know when to take it out. Mine was a bit overcooked, I think. Now, I know how to make Chimichurri sauce so I will try it again and would like to be better at roasting pork! Maybe I will try on the grill next time. 

It was a big dinner and we were so full after the dinner. We had to take a walk to help digest our food! Well, it was a nice walk :-)

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