Friday, July 10, 2009

Marble pound cake & Homemade Bread

I know I know. This marble pound cake looks very flat and the marble did not come out so pretty. But, this is my first try and it will only get better when I try few more times. 

I forgot to check what size of the bakeware they require in the recipe so I just start making the batter and realized at the end that my bakeware was too big for the batter I made. That is why this pound cake is so flat. I should have double the amount. Anyhow, the taste was pretty good. I just need to work on how I make nice marbles. It is not easy. 

Later yesterday, I had an urge to make homemade bread again so I did. I made the same kind of bread which I made the other day.

But yesterday, something was different. I thought I measured everything correctly but the dough was very soft and did not form into a ball so I had to keep adding more flours until it gets better consistency. At this point, I was not sure how it comes out since I was not following the recipe anymore. I don't know what I did wrong. Maybe my measurement was wrong to begin with. 

To my surprise, the bread came out good. Same as last time. We had salami, Turkey breast and cheese at home so we decided to have sandwiches for dinner. I love sandwiches with freshly baked bread! It was really good. I just love the smell of the house when I bake something. It makes me feel happy. Smells bring back our memories. And this smell of baking bread at home brings me back happy childhood memory of weekends. I thank my mom for this!

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  1. "Salame" not "salami" =) sorry ihih! however bread seems really good!!