Sunday, July 19, 2009

Indian Grocery Store

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Before the dinner on Friday night, I went to some Indian grocery stores in the city. I used to go there often but I hadn't been there for a while so I was really excited. 

I love these Indian grocery stores. I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I go there. There are so many things I would love to buy but since I did not have a car with me, I had to control myself not to get too many stuff. Here are the stuff I bought. 

There are so many spices and mixes. Since I made mistake buying a wrong paste last time, I was careful this time. They had a few different brand so I bought different brands so I can taste which one I like best. I also bought "Bombay Mix" which I love to snack on. It is spicy and you can taste many different kind of spices. Yummy!

Beside the grocery, there was one this I really wanted to buy. 

This is what I wanted buy. 

Do you know what it is? 

When you open the lid, there is another lid. 

And when you open another lid, it is a Indian spice box! 

The Indian lady I used to live had this spice box and I always wanted to have one for myself and I finally got it! I am super excited. I will have many different kind of spices in it and mix them as I cook! I need to learn more about Indian food :-) 

So for last night dinner, I use one of the mix I bought and made "Chicken Makhani
This is the mix I used. 

I assume that this guy in the picture is a famous chef or something and this is his mix of spices. 

It is very very easy to make "chicken Makhani" with this mix. You use add the mix and water and chicken in a pan and boil for 10 mins with lid on. Take the lid off and add whipping cream and heat for another 5mins or so and it is done! 

To my surprise, it was really really good. I used to take out"chicken Makhani" from an Indian restaurant close to work and it tasted just like the one I used to have! It is mild and creamy and so good! I was surprised how easy and good it was. 

I could not find this product on Amazon but I found a book which looks like the guy on the package of this mix. You can buy it from Amazon by clicking the link below. 

He must be a famous chef. Maybe I should get this book and learn more about his indian food. If I can make this from a scratch, I will be very happy and proud. 

I bought some other mix from his brand so I am excited to try other product also. I hope it is as good as this Chicken Makhani mix. 

If you find this mix at your local grocery store or Indian store, I highly recommend to try it. It is very mild and creamy and good! If you like more spicy, maybe this might not be for you. Or maybe you can add your own spice to it! 

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