Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hummus dip and my favorite ice cream flavors

I did not feel well last night so I did not cook. I just had pita bread and Hummus dip for dinner. Those are also from Trader Joe's and I love those mini pita bread. I never made Hummus myself but I would love to try sometimes. It is funny that I don't really like beans but I like Hummus and Falafel. I also would love to make Falafel myself. But that involve some frying so I think it is little easier to make Hummus. 

Anyway, since the summer is here and everybody love ice cream in summer, I would like to share my favorite ice creams. 

One of my favorite is Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk. This is so chocolaty and so rich. I can not eat lots of them at once but when I really crave for something super sweet, this is the perfect solution! It got different kind of chocolate chunks in it. I love Ben & Jerry because how they make their products fun and colorful. I heard that now it is under Unilever but I hope they will keep their style. 

The other favorite is Haargen-Dazs's Rum Raisin. I love Rum. And this ice cream is just so good with a hint of Rum taste. It is not strong taste of Rum so I think that even for some people who doesn't love Rum would like this ice cream. But if you like Rum, I would recommend you to try this ice cream. It is delicious!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? There are so many different kind of ice cream flavors now a days, it is difficult to pick just one, isn't it?? 

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