Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dinner in Manhattan (TAO)

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

It is restaurant week in NY. I went for dinner with my husband at TAO restaurantt. The place is pretty big but it was packed. It seems like this restaurant is quite popular and always packed with people. The interior is very Asian but modern. There was a huge Buddha inside the restaurant. 

For appetizer, I ordered Shrimp tempura and my husband had pot sticker. My Shrimp was really good. It came with two different kind of sauces. One was kind of like a spicy mayonnaise and the other was spicy sweet soy sauce. 
Pot sticker was also good but the sauce was bit too sweet for me. 

For the main course, I had sea bass and my husband had fillet Mignon. I think my sea bass was marinated with miso and Yuzu. It remind me a dish I used to eat in Japan. It was really good and melt in my mouth. I did not like the fillet Mignon too much. But the onion ring which came with the fillet mignon was pretty good. 

For dessert, I had sugar doughnuts and my husband had banana bread pudding. My doughnuts came with a sauce which also tasted like Yuzu. I was expecting more like simple sweet vanilla sauce so this was something I was not expected and I would have like the vanilla sauce without Yuzu taste. But the banana bread pudding was really good. I think I want to try to make it at home. It seemed pretty easy to make. I think I just need Banana, Nilla wafers and whipped cream. I will try them at home. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the dinner. I love cooking but I also love eating out and it had been a while since my husband and I ate out in Manhattan. 

Before dinner, I stopped by at some Indian grocery store. I bought some stuff and I am really excited. I will report about it a bit later!

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