Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dinner in a box

It was pretty hot during the day yesterday. But at night, it was a bit better and cooled down a little bit. There was a free concert at the beach close by. So we decided to pack out dinner and ate our dinner at the beach. 

I had some leftover broccoli and sausages from the BBQ on Sunday so I decided to use these and make pasta. Like always, I made quite a lot so my husband and I have to eat this again for lunch today.... 

There are many events in summer everywhere. And lots of those events are free. There were a lot of families at the beach listening to the music, singing and dancing. I love summer. 

As for my dinner in a box, it was good but I think it was too simple. When I was in  high school, my mom made lunch box for me everyday. She would put many different variety of things in it. It is amazing to see some people put so much effort for their kid's lunch boxes. I have seen people making wonderful cartoon characters with rice and other ingredients. I am sure that kids would love them when they open the lunch box. 

Mine is nothing like that. But maybe it will improve someday and I will be able to show some cartoon characters in my lunch boxes! 

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