Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Day at beach

Yesterday, my friend came to visit me so we went to beach and spend a beautiful day at beach. 
Before we go to the beach, we decided to have lunch at Thai restaurant. I ordered "Shrimp in garlic sauce". It was very simple. Just with Shrimp and mushroom but it tasted so good with garlic sauce. I am not exactly sure what is in this garlic sauce but I will definitely try this at home. Even though, my husband might not be happy about the mushroom.....

So off we go to the beach. When we were walking, we saw someone who really looked like Ann Burrell from Food Network. She passed by us and my friend and I looked at each other. We were not sure if that was her since she was wearing sunglasses but if it were her, I really wanted to talk to her. But we were too shy. We couldn't talk to her. I really love her show. I can feel that she is very passionate about food and really enjoy food. 

Anyhow, we had a great time at beach. My friend told me that she feels lighter after spending a day at beach. We inhaled lots of fresh oxygen. The breeze from the ocean really makes your body and soul refreshed. I am sometimes amazed about nature. Just looking at the waves comes and go calms me down. Nature has a healing power. 

Since I played all day today, dinner was really simple and easy one. I just cooked some pasta and put it together with tomato sauce. Normally, I like adding some vegetables or meat in tomato sauce but I did not have anything at home today so I just added garlic. Simple but yummy. 

Thankfully, my husband loves pasta. So whenever I don't have time or I don't have energy to cook, I make pasta. And he is always happy. Well, he is always happy no matter what. And that is one of the things I admire about him. 

Thank you for visiting 7th kitchen!

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