Monday, July 20, 2009

Chicken Provencal

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I am so happy and proud of my last night's dish. I made "Chicken Provencal".  I was reading this cook book about culinary boot camp at CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and it says the first thing they leaned at this boot camp was this sauteing technique with "Chicken Provencal". The ingredients were simple so I wanted to try it. 

In the book, it tells you how the meat should feel to your touch depend on how you want your meat done. Normally, I tend to overcook meat and I always have to cut into it to see if it is done. Well, last night, my chicken was perfectly done, very juicy and I didn't cut into it to check. I am so proud of this. And it tasted wonderful. My husband also loved it and he ate it so fast. He said "I am sorry but I couldn't put his fork and knife because it was so good!" 

During the cooking, I burned myself. It is quite silly but I put the pan in the oven and took it out with the glove. I put it on the stove, took chicken out and wanted to make sauce in the pan. I completely forgot that the handle was also hot. I touched it and burned my palm and part of my finger. Oh, it was so painful. Today, it feels much better but some part is still red and it hurts when I touch it. Well, despite this injury, I was very very happy with this dish. 

I also made mashed potatoes for the side. I looked in my fridge and found the Chimichurri sauce which I made a few days ago. I decided use this sauce for my mashed potato. This was also a hit. Nice color and very tasty mashed potato. 

If you are interested in the book, here is the link to Amazon. You can buy it from Amazon. Since the chicken Provencal was so good, I would like to try a few more recipes from this book. 

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