Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl (Oyako Don)

Last night, I made Chicken & Egg Rice bowl. In  Japan, they call this "Oyako-Don" "Oya" means parent and "ko" means child and "Don" means bowl. Chicken is parent and egg is child so it is Oyako don. I also added some onions. This is a easy dish but I think it is also difficult because you don't want to cook the egg to long and you have to stop at the perfect timing. I don't have that perfect timing so mine does not look so good. I need more practice on this. 

First of all, I burned onion when I was saut√©ing them. And my sauce mixture was too dense which made the egg darker than it should. I think I should add some water in the sauce so it will be more saucy and the color of the egg will look brighter yellow. 

It should have more sauce so the rice will be covered with sauce. Mine was rater dry. Well, I need more practice on this one. I guess... 

I also would like to add some more ingredients in it. I think the original recipe require just chicken, egg and onion but I wonder if I can add some other vegetables. Such as Shiitake Mushroom. I love mushrooms in general but my husband is not too keen on mushrooms so I did not add it this time. But I use mushroom in my cooking all the time. Mushroom pasta, mushroom risotto etc.... (Of course, my husband does not have a choice but eat them :-) I love all different kind of mushrooms. 

Earlier this year, my mother in law introduce me to this mushroom called "Morel". It was dried morel and I really liked it. It had quite strong taste. I am happy that she cooked morel for me because otherwise, I did not even know about this Mushroom! I would love to try fresh morel sometimes. 

Anyway, I also went to a farmer's market again yesterday. I bought cilantro, dill and onions. Since it is 4th of July weekend, I am thinking about making fresh salsa with cilantro to go with some BBQ. I still don't know what I am going to use the dill for. When I think about dill, I think about Swedish food. It seems like they like to use dill a lot for their food, don't you think? Only thing I can think of now with dill is Smoked Salmon with cream cheese and dill. Yum! Maybe I should run to get some Smoke Salmon for this weekend! 

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