Monday, July 6, 2009

BBQ at home

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Yesterday's morning, I had fresh baked Chocolate Croissant. It was so buttery and crispy and yummy! Well, I did not make it from a scratch. I bought this frozen Chocolate Croissant from Trader Joe's (Picture of the box below). I never tried this one before but I found it the other day and decided to give it a try. 

You just need to leave the frozen croissant out at the room temperature at the night before. During the night, it will rise and get bigger and waiting for you to wake up. You just pop in to the oven for 20mins and you will be a delicious warm chocolate croissant! This was such a treat! I loved this for a nice relazed weekend morning with my Cafe au lait. 

In the afternoon, we had some friends over and enjoyed BBQ. It was a perfect weather for BBQ and everybody enjoyed all the food and drinks. For me, it is so luxurious to be able to have BBQ at home. We had Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Chicken Wings, etc. Here is a picture of my Hot Dog. 

I also made Guacamole for Tortilla Chips. I love Guacamole. Well, I love Avocado. I wish I had a avocado tree at home. I wonder if it is easy to grow avocado tree at home. Well, we don't have a space for it now but someday when I have a house with garden, I would love to have a avocado tree in my garden. That will be one of my dream :-)

This Guacamole is so easy to make and everyone loves it. So here is the recipe. (Well, it is just cutting and mixing together) 

Ripe Avocado    3
White Onion     1/4 
Tomato             small 1
Garlic              2 cloves
lime                 1
Green Chile    1 (remove seeds and ribs)
Salt                  a little bit

1. Chop onion, tomato and green chile into tiny pieces. 
2. Mix 1 with Avocado and add lime juice and grated garlic. 
3.  Add some salt
4. Enjoy

If you would like, you can add some cilantro. And if you don't like garlic, you can reduce the amount of garlic. This is so easy and yummy! Please try it and if you liked it, please let me know! 

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