Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baked Chicken Tikka

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Last night, I made this baked chicken tikka. I bought this jar of Tikka Paste so I wanted to try. 
But the Tikka Pasta was not what I thought it was. Actually, I wanted to make "chicken Tikka Masala" but this paste was for marinade and grilling. 

Well, it was my mistake that I did not check well before I buy it. So change of plan. I decided to follow the recipe on the back of jar and make baked chicken tikka

It was not exactly what I expected. I followed the instruction and marinade the chicken in yogurt and the paste mixture in the fridge for a few hours. I baked it for 40mins. The chicken was tender but I did not like the taste. 

This is the paste I used. I have used this brand before and I really liked them. I don't remember what I bought before but I remember I liked them. I tried a few different kind and all of them were good. But this "Tikka Paste" was not my favorite.

I was checking Patak's website and it seems like what I should have bought instead was "Tikka Masala Curry cooking sauce". It seems like this company is in U.K. but now I can find this brand at normal supermarket in the U.S. (At least where I live) but supermarket does not carry all of their products. I would like to try many different product from them. 

If you can not find them at your local supermarket, you can purchase them from Amazon. 

One great things about living close to a big city is that there are so many different kind of grocery stores in the city. I know some Indian grocery stores in NY and I love visiting them because you will encounter many different ingredients you never seen before. 

I just realized that I have not been there for a while. I should go again! They have many different brand of paste and sauces. Also, one of the place had this spice tin box which I love to own. 

As I have wrote in my blog before, I used to live with an Indian lady who used to cook Indian food all the time. I was so lucky to have homemade Indian food everyday. I should have learned more cooking from her. Now, we live far away so we can not see each other quite often but I am so grateful that I met her. She is kind of like my mother/sister figure. She took good care of me. I will never thank her enough. 

Anyhow, my dinner yesterday was not exactly what I expected so I would try to make a great one today. The best thing about last night dinner was the salad. It was just a simple salad with lettuce, tomato and corn. I used Trader Joe's cilantro dressing which I love. This dressing remind me of the tostada salad from cheesecake factory. I just love cilantro! 

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