Sunday, July 26, 2009

American Sushi

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I love Sushi. I especially like those American creative Sushi. We have a good Sushi place close to our house so we eat Sushi quite often. 

American Sushi are so creative and I am always impressed how people come up with all these combinations. In Japan, Sushi is normally very simple. Just raw fish and rice with wasabi. But here, there in the U.S., there are so many different kinds with creative names and presentation. 

At home, I make California roll sometimes but I hardly ever make sushi with fish because it is hard to get fresh sashimi grade fish from a regular supermarket. My favorite sushi fish are Yellowtail, Tuna (especially Toro but it is expensive!), White tuna. 

I am so happy to see Sushi is getting popular in many places including here in the U.S. In Manhattan, there are so many Sushi places but even outside of the city, there are many Japanese restaurant where you can have great sushi now a days. 

In Japan, we went to this big Sushi boat chain called "Kappa Sushi" . Most of the sushi was about $1 per plate. You have a computer screen at your table and if you don't see what you want floating around, you can order them via computer system from your table. Then, they make it fresh and deliver is in a bullet train style container with a machine. Before it comes, you will hear the beep and the red light at your table so you know it is coming. You take the plate and send the bullet train back. It was so much fun. Kids love it. 

This Sushi chain was filled with family with small children. It is cheap and fun. Quality of sushi is so so but I think everyone should visit at least once for the experience.  So when you are in Japan, please try it. I think you will have fun! 

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