Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Alto" Restaurant in NYC

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It is restaurant week in NYC and I went to Manhattan to see my friend. We went to "Alto". This is a fancy Italian restaurant in midtown. Since it is restaurant week, they have 3 course lunch for $24.07. 

For an appetizer, I chose warm asparagus soup with whipped ricotta cheese and crisp prosciutto. I loved this soup. It was really pretty and tasted good. I think it will be also good clod. 

For a main course, I chose Strip Bass. This was olive oil poached sea bass with tomato, ceci beans, Sicilian capers and olives. It was good but I did not think anything amazing. My friend had pasta with braised veal ragu with pecorino cheese and this one was really really good. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my friend's dish but I tasted it and I was impressed. I should have ordered that instead of sea bass. 

For a dessert, I picked Panna Cotta. This was great. It came with slices of fresh pink grape fruits and grape fruit sorbet. It looked very pretty and elegant and tasted amazing. I would love to make something like this at home and impress my guests. 

Overall, I liked the restaurant. If I picked the past as my main course, it would have been perfect. I am not sure how much they charge these usually but I definitely would like to come back here for maybe a special occasion :-)

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