Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thai Chicken Curry

Last night dinner was "Thai Red Chicken Curry" with "Pasta Salad". I love Thai curry and used to go to Thai restaurant often. But I found out how easy it is to make Thai curry at home if you have Thai curry paste. So now, I cook Thai curry at home all the time. 

It is so easy and quick to make. There are different kind of curry paste such as red, green, yellow etc. And you can add chicken, beef or any kind of meat/seafood and vegetables depends on your mood and what you have time the fridge. 

Normally, I use chicken, onion, bamboo shoots and basil. I saute curry paste in a pan for a bit and add all the meat and vegetables and coconut milk. Then, cook it for a bit and it is ready! 

I needed some crunch and refresher with my curry so I had salad with it. This is just simple curly pasta with some vegetables. I mixed them with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. 

Often times, I make my Thai curry too spicy. But this time, I made it right. 
When you make your curry too spicy, you can adjust with coconut milk. (I did this quite often) 

Pad Thai is also one of my favorite Thai food but I have never tried to make it at home. It seems complicated. Where can you buy that kind of noodles anyway? Well, I know there is this one small Thai restaurant which is in Chelsea Market in NY and they sell some Thai products so maybe they will have those noodles there. I should purchase it next time when I am there and try making Pad Thai on my own. 

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