Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shrimp Fried Rice

Last night, I made Shrimp Fried Rice from the leftover Cocktail Shrimp which I had from Costco. I was thinking either Shrimp Salad Sandwich or Shrimp Fried Rice but I felt like eating rice so therefore Shrimp Fried Rice. 

I love Rice and I can eat rice everyday. When I was little, my mom used to call me "Rice eater" because I would just eat rice and leave all the other stuff she made. She used to tell me to eat other stuff also but I couldn't help eating rice and always end up finishing rice before I finish other stuff. Well, I still love rice but now I try to eat other stuff also.

 I love having a few variety of rice in my house so I can cook Japanese rice for Japanese food and Basmati rice for Indian food and Jasmine rice for Thai food. I love all these different kind of rice. 

For this Shrimp Fried Rice, I used half Japanese white rice and half Japanese brown rice. 
Brown rice is much healthier than white rice but some people don't like the taste or texture of brown rice. But if you use brown rice for fried rice, you don't really realize that it is brown rice (at least in my opinion). And brown rice is less stickier so it makes easier to make fried rice. 

Many people including myself, use leftover rice for fried rice because your fried rice will be fluffier that way. If you don't have leftover rice and would like to make fried rice, try cooling the rice before you make fried rice. I think it is a trick to make a fluffy fried rice. 

Fried rice was one of my mom's signature dish. And it is great especially when you have leftover rice and vegetables in your fridge. You can add any vegetables you would like. 

If you have any good idea for fried rice ingredients, please let me know!

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