Monday, June 22, 2009

Mussels with White Wine and Coconut milk broth

Last night, I steamed Mussels which I bought from Costco. In the cookbook I have, they used wine and chicken stock. I wanted to add some asian taste so I added some cilantro and coconut milk and curry powder. To my surprise, it came out pretty good! It was easy to cook and fast. (Even though cleaning each Mussel took some time..)  I eat Mussel in a restaurant but I never cooked them myself this way so I am glad that I tried. I think this dish is great for summer night, especially eating outside. 

We had it with bread but I think it is also good with Pasta. I heard that in France, they eat this Mussel with French Fries. French Fries are one of my favorite food so I definitely would like to try that next time. 

Mussels were not too expensive and it was easy to cook and looks great. I recommend cooking Mussels at home with your favorite sauce this summer!

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