Friday, June 19, 2009

What should I make from those ingredients?

Last night, I put out all those ingredients I had in my fridge and thought about what I can make from them. 

One thing it came to my mind was the Rice Gratin which I used to eat when I was a college student. I decided to recreate the flavor from my memory and this is what I end up with. 

So, it is layer of rice, tomato sauce with all the vegetables and cheese. It did not taste exactly same as I had before but it came out OK. There are still some adjustment I need to make but I am not sure what. 

I think I need to add more sauce so rice will be covered with sauce. 

By the way, I have a little story regarding eggplant. When I was a college student, my friend told me that eating eggplant will release more pheromone. So my friend and I ate eggplant everyday hoping that we would attract all the boys. 

Well, unfortunately, we did not see any result which we hoped  from eating eggplant. So I would not recommend eating eggplant for this purpose but I will definitely recommend eating eggplant for its taste!

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